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Eden International (or Eden) is a humanitarian organization that builds communes worldwide. These communes are nearly completely self sufficient. These communes are referred to as Habitats. Each Habitat contains manufacturing systems, agricultural hydroponics, living spaces and even schools. The individuals living within these locations volunteer to live under the rule of an Overseer who manages the areas of life.

While the majority of persons who are members of Eden live in Habitats some particularly promising individuals (usually in the Scholar class) are selected by their Overseer and Mentor to become candidates to have positions within the completely self-sufficient City of Olympus. This city is located within the pacific ocean on an artificial island. Olympus is the location of the School of Athens, Forge of Vulcan, and (supposedly) the Field of Mars.

Roles and Positions within a Habitat

Regional Overseer Position: Overseer of a regional Enclave. An Enclave is essentially an extremely large Habitat. Rather than 50-500 people of the Habitat they have from 1,000-10,000 people dwelling within the facility.

Overseer Position: Runs the Habitat as both an administrator and figurehead. They almost never come from the same Habitat in which they were a Scholar.

Mentor Position: Leads and instructs Scholars. May be more than one per habitat.

Creator Role: Manufacturing needed tools, clothes and equipment of the habitat. They also maintain equipment and conduct processing for the raw materials grown within the Habitat. This is usually the largest cast of a Habitat.

Grower Role: Works in the hydroponics and aqua farms of the Habitat.

Protector Role: While the smallest role, it is the most controversial. It did not exist as a role until an indecent in South America where an entire Habitat was burned to the ground with all members inside by local criminal elements. Protectors may be armed with anything from simple flashlights and batons to assault weapons and body armor depending upon the discernment of the Overseer. Additionally, Protectors are the only role within a Habitat that answers directly to the Overseer.

Scholar Role: Starts with general study and eventually advances to learn a skill set to work within one role or another. Most members of a Habitat were Scholars at one point in time. To move on from the position scholars must contribute an idea or project to the Habitat. More promising and devoted Scholars continue their education and may begin studying more advanced subjects. These are called Discentem.

Discentem are a subset of the Scholar Role and are the equivalent of an university level student within a Habitat. They are studying to become Overseers, Mentors, and Role Leadership. They typically study at their Regional Enclave.

Eden International

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