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NEM is as much a spiritual movement as it is a philosophical one. This organization focuses on the well being of humans throughout the world. The key philosophy of this group is that of The All One. This is the theory that humanity has the ability to think of itself as a greater organism rather than a collection of individuals and should do its best to do so. However, despite their philosophy, there are some individuals who are seen as having a stronger “connection” with the rest of humanity. These people are called the Omnes. These persons spend the majority of their time in meditation only speaking to their direct attendants to forward their wishes to other members.


The accusation of being a cult is not one that is uncommon for the New Earth Movement. Although being responsible for many humanitarian deeds and efforts, they have still come under scrutiny for violent acts against non-members. These incidents have usually been in self defense, but are still looked upon negatively by the majority of the public.


Omnes: Leadership.
Usually accompanied by at least one Brother or Sister.

Brother/Sister: A full member.
Usually accompanied by at least one Acolyte.

Acolyte: A potential member going through a vetting process.

Outsider: An associate that is a non-member.

Human: Not a position but what they use to refer to all non-Outsider persons.

New Earth Movement

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